Swansea Council signs up to Zero Racism Wales

Swansea Council has reaffirmed it has zero-tolerance to racism by signing Race Council Cymru’s Zero Racism Wales policy.

An online signing ceremony took place today led by Swansea Council Leader Rob Stewart and Judge Ray Singh CBE and Uzo Iwobi OBE from Race Council Cymru.

They were joined by cabinet members, political group leaders and senior officers.

By signing the policy Swansea Council has committed to ensuring that it treats every person fairly and equally irrespective of race, that it is commitment to a policy of equal opportunities in employment and service delivery and that the council will adhere to the Equality Act 2010 and provide fair and equitable services to all.

The council now joins other organisations and individuals who have signed the policy with the names publicly listed on the Zero Racism Wales website.

Cllr Stewart said: “Swansea has a proud history of standing up to racism in all its form but as world events have shown, in particular the Black Lives Matter movement around the globe, we must all continue to stand in solidarity, come together, and say no to racism.

“This council will not tolerate racial prejudice, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, abuse, or violence against any individual and we will continue to support Race Council Cymru in its work to promote a more inclusive and equal society for all.”

Judge Ray Singh, CBE and Chair of Race Council Cymru, said: “Racial inequalities continue to blight the lives of ethnic minority communities across Wales – this is not acceptable. We are calling on all organisations to take a stand to eradicate racism and discrimination in their organisations; the future generations depend on this pledge. Let us take action together today to make Wales fairer and safer.”

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